Through an intricate play of light and shadow, Red Sky Performance merges explosive contemporary dance with innovative physical theatre storytelling. AF explores Anishinaabe fire prophecies which foretell of a pivotal moment where humanity will face the ultimate choice. Rather than reinterpreting an Orwellian dystopia and a revolution gone wrong, we seek inspiration from Anishinaabe mythologies, archetypes, and futurism to reimagine a revolution gone right. A new myth emerges as we reconnect to source, to bring forth a fire for the future.

  • 5 performers, 3 musicians, 2 crew
  • Second day open (same day by arrangement)
  • 60 minutes running time

World Premiere at Canadian Stage

Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre, 26 Berkeley Street, Toronto

February 18 - March 1, 2020