"Vividly and viscerally illustrates Laronde's discoveries of meeting points among Indigenous cultures."
- Dance International


Our productions highlight the originality and power of contemporary Indigenous performance and culture. We create outstanding new works in dance, theatre and music productions for young, family and adult audiences. We develop, produce and tour new creations that illuminate themes, aesthetics and values of importance to Indigenous peoples across Canada and around the globe. Touring since 2003, we have delivered over 2,755 performances across Canada including 198 international performances in 17 countries on four continents.


Two of the world's most highly acclaimed Indigenous dance companies come together to explore this potent mix of tradition-inspired contemporary dance about tribal bonds and migration.


Raven is a fabulous creature of impulse and invention. In order to satisfy his overwhelming sense of curiosity, Raven hatches a brilliant scheme for stealing the stars, the moon and the sun, and ends up bringing light to the people of the world.

The Great Mountain

The Great Mountain is an eco-adventure story in the guise of an action-packed play that entertains and empowers the imaginations of children and families alike.


Shimmer traces the radiance of the natural world, be it shining bright, or alive in darkness. Finding its inspiration in the fiery beauty of Canadian and Australian Indigenous dance traditions, an all-male Indigenous cast explores warrior culture and its connection to the natural world.

Caribou Song

This adventure dance story for family audiences is a tale about the transformative nature of love and the power of the natural world. Caribou Song tells the story of two Cree children in Canada's north who follow the caribou by dogsled with their family.

Dancing Americas

Dancing Americas explores the relationships of the First Peoples of the Americas through the metaphor of the Monarch butterfly that migrates annually between Canada and Mexico.


Underworlds follows the Anishnaabe (Ojibway) hero Cheeby-Aub-Oozoo whose mythic descent to the underworld bequeaths music and dream quests to the land of the living.