“makes an original statement about the continuity of continental cultures that speak to each other and to us, across the centuries.”

— Toronto Star



Red Sky Soars to New Heights in its Tenth Year
By Andrea Raymond, Say Magazine, 2010 Games Souvenir Edition - February 2010


Laronde’s Career a Celebration of Aboriginal Culture
By Laura Stevens, Windspeaker, September 2005


Red Sky Goes Underground
By Dave Morris, Eye Weekly, May 26, 2005



Red Sky Enlivens Through Dance & Theatre
By Andrea Raymond, Surface and Symbol, September 2004


Force of Nature
By Paula Citron, Dance International, Fall 2004 Col. XXXII No.3



Red Sky: A First in Canada
By Rosalie Jones, Scene 4 Magazine, reView July 2009


Tono: A Glorious Story of Horses and Humans

By Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail, June 8, 2009


Red Sky Performance and Festival Dance
By Tim Christison, Dance International Magazine, Winter 2008

"Tono is a ravishingly beautiful dance work. The six dancers recreate a stampede that builds with excitement, their closed fists wind-milling through the air depicting flying hooves...absolutely stunning stretches and body twists. Clever sequence abound."
– Globe and Mail


"Vividly and viscerally illustrates Laronde's discoveries of meeting points among Indigenous cultures."
– Dance International


"The full dancing ensemble moved with driving robustness, fitnesse and with a sense of the unseen mystery throughout."
– Scene 4 Magazine


"Tono is an extraordinarily beautiful show: stunning music, extreme athleticism, gorgeous images and wit. I found it very moving-- so thank you for bringing it to us."
– Ric Knowles, Canadian Theatre Review


"Fascinating Tono is a polished work by eloquent artists."
– Montreal Gazette


"Red Sky Shines over Banff."
– Calgary Herald


"From the moment the lights went down in Toronto's Fleck Dance Theatre, Tono's epic, cinematic story captured the hearts of every lucky Luminato Festival attendee."
– Sarah Beaudin, Webzine


"...magnificent in the scope of its imagination ...mysterious in its beauty and driving in its beat..."
– Globe & Mail


"...makes and original statement about the continuity of continental cultures that speak to each other and to us, across the centuries."
– Toronto Star


"audacious...astonishing...magnificent...mysterious in its beauty."
– Globe & Mail


"Red Sky reveals aspects of the more-than-human world in such a way that we can see them, with new eyes, as living and sentient."
– The Dance Current


"One of the most exciting performances of the 10-day festival at the Canada Dance Festival."
– Ottawa Citizen.


"Raven soars, a fast-paced show, we go through a whole series of emotions and narrative twists and come out the other end with a nice complete experience intact."
– Toronto Star


"The fun, and the beauty, of this high-spirited performance...what sets the whole show apart is, in a word, joy."
– Edmonton Journal


"You can't do better than the Red Sky Performance production of Raven Stole The Sun. The production is exemplary and magical."
– NOW Magazine


"Raven interpretation soars, an actress, she has a wonderfully real and soothing presence; as a stager, Laronde knows how to be inventive without getting overly glitzy. The young audience paid strict attention as dance, lighting, words, music and costumes all came together in a carefully orchestrated mix."
– Toronto Star


"Red Sky steals the show...lovely open-hearted approach under Laronde's direction. The players not only invite us into the tale but encourage us to become part of it as well."
– Toronto Sun


"What a wonderful experience for our students! The show was masterful. The content was great and the actors were able to hold all 300 of us captive."
– Jill Kates, Teacher, Driftwood Public School


"Our heartfelt thanks for bringing this amazing performance to our school. You had the entire audience spell-bound! The kids and the teachers were all still raving about this today. It was brilliant! Thanks so much, thanks a million! Thanks until the end of time!"
– Teacher Carla Pauls, Exshaw staff and students, Canadian Rockies Public Schools


"I loved having Red Sky come here. I wish it never ended!"
– Hailey, 8 years old, Buckingham Elementary School


"…natural and percussive sounds that resonate as powerfully as the performances."
– NOW Magazine


"…the wildly successful children's show".
– Dance International


"Red Sky has everything to do with theatricality and the imagination...remarkably evocative."
– Edmonton Journal


"The piece de resistance was Red Sky’s performance of Caribou Song…a rousing performance."
– TANSI, Toronto’s Aboriginal Newspaper


"My beginnings were magical beyond belief. I was born and grew up in a garden of Eden, a northern paradise that was pure and magical."
– Tomson Highway on Caribou Song, Globe & Mail


"magical, expansive, yet playfully intimate."
– MusicWorks


"I want to tell you how spellbinding YOU are - absolutely charming and luminescent."
– Veronica Tennant, C.C.


"...a penchant for surprising, suspending and inspiring."
– Contemporary Dance, Suite 101


"So many people have expressed how the performances of Shimmer were the highlight of the Festival for them. Thank you again for all of the positive energy this summer and the remarkable artistic experience."
– Casey Prescott, The Banff Centre


"Red Sky dance is a delight to the eye."
– Toronto Star


"A landmark cultural event between indigenous peoples, Shimmer celebrates the warrior's connection to nature and marks the first time an aboriginal work has been commissioned on the main stage by the biennial Canada Dance Festival since its founding in 1987."
– Ottawa Xpress


"I've thought of the term "warrior" more as a title to be earned, like "sensei" ("master") in karate, or the ranks above "private" in the military. But certainly I have never thought of a warrior as someone who displays "gentleness, grace and dignity and a natural radiance and that comes from their deep connection to the forces of the world". Absolutely fascinating. I'm very happy to hear of the success of Red Sky and its performances abroad, as well as the connections they've made to aboriginal persons of other nations. I share the sense of excitement that something like this is taking place. "
– Brad Thomas


"The dancers are extraordinary in their range, shimmering with an energy that appears to move through them as though they were conduits between earth and sky. Shimmer evokes a profound sense of connectedness."
– Karen Jaimeson, Choreographer