CPPAMO Audience Building Workshop

January 28, 2011

Artistic Director Sandra Laronde spoke on the creative process, artistic and cultural influences and how this fits into Canadian culture today.

Continuing on from its success, this full day session built on the previous ones and provided an opportunity for presenters and performers to discuss common issues and concerns related to staging performances by Aboriginal and ethno-racial artists.

This workshop involved presentations by Ken Coulter (Oakville Theatre), Eric Lariviere (Markham Theatre), Cheryl Ewing (Ontario Contact) and Costin Manu (Rose Theatre) who discussed what presenters need to do to set up a season's schedule, the criteria and methods they use to select performances and how performers can build a relationship with presenters.

To compliment this, a number of performers made presentations on how their companies create their work, the influences (traditional, modern, contemporary) on their work and how it fits into Canadian culture today. Some of these artists include: Sandra Laronde (Red Sky Performance), Lata Pada (Sampradaya Dance Creations), Brainard Blyden-Taylor (Nathaniel Dette Chorale) and Julia Chan (Diasporic Dialogues).

Markham Theatre
Markham, Ontario