Concept: Sandra Laronde
Choreography: Peter Chin
Music: Antonio Zepeda
Lighting Design: Steve Lucas
Costume Design: Cheryl Lalonde

Dancing Americas explores the relationships of the First Peoples of the Americas through the metaphor of the Monarch butterfly that migrates annually between Canada and Mexico. Dancers from both countries combine forces to explore the themes of migration, regeneration, and metamorphoses, featuring live Mesoamerican Indigenous music.

“magnificent in the scope of its imagination ...mysterious in its beauty and driving in its beat."
- Globe & Mail
  • Toronto Premiere at EnWave Dance Theatre in Toronto, March 2003
  • World Premiere at Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa, June 2004
  • 6 dancers, 1 musician, 2 crew
  • 55 minutes running time



"...makes and original statement about the continuity of continental cultures that speak to each other and to us, across the centuries." 

– Toronto Star


"One of the most exciting performances of the 10-day festival at the Canada Dance Festival."
– Ottawa Citizen