Director: Sandra Laronde
Play: Drew Hayden Taylor
Based on a traditional Tlingit story as recounted by Sháa Tláa Maria Williams
Choreography: Carlos Rivera, Sandra Laronde
Music: Donald Quan
Lighting Design: Steve Lucass
Set & Costume Design: Cheryl Lalonde
Mask Design: Red Pepper Spectacle

Raven is a fabulous creature of impulse and invention. In order to satisfy his overwhelming sense of curiosity, Raven hatches a brilliant scheme for stealing the stars, the moon, and the sun, and ends up bringing light to the world. Raven is a delightful and compelling dance theatre piece for families and children of all ages.

"You can't do better than the Red Sky Performance production of Raven Stole The Sun. The production is exemplary and magical."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NOW Magazine
  • 3 performers, 2 crew, same day open
  • 45 minutes running time
  • Suitable for K to Grade 6 and families

"Raven soars, delights...in a fast-paced show, we go through a whole series of emotions and narrative twists and come out the other end with a nice complete experience intact."
– Toronto Star


"The fun, and the beauty, of this high-spirited performance...what sets the whole show apart is, in a word, joy."
  – Edmonton Journal


"Red Sky steals the show...lovely open-hearted approach under Laronde's direction. The players not only invite us into the tale but encourage us to become part of it as well."
– Toronto Sun


"Our heartfelt thanks for bringing this amazing performance to our school. You had the entire audience spell-bound! The kids and the teachers were all still raving about this today. It was brilliant! Thanks so much, thanks a million! Thanks until the end of time!"
– Carla Pauls, Exshaw Public School, Alberta


"I loved having Red Sky come here. I wish it never ended!"
– Hailey, 8 years old, Buckingham Elementary School