She Holds Up the Stars

She Holds Up the Stars, is about a mesmerizing journey of a young Indigenous girl who unexpectedly bonds with a wild horse, cruelly broken by a rancher and his son. Amidst rising tensions, we witness her navigate a challenging world, revealing an inner strength that shapes her connection to home, land, and heart.

Based on Sandra Laronde’s award-winning novel, She Holds Up the Stars, we will create a new live stage production featuring life-sized puppets, theatre, dance, visual art, and orchestral music for mid-school students and families.

She Holds Up the Stars has received the coveted Kirkus Star which marks books of exceptional merit, was named as one of 2022 Best of Canadian Books for Young Adults by CBC Books, won the 2023 Horace Mann Upstander Award, and was nominated for the 2024 Manitoba Young People’s Choice Awards.

Coming soon in May 2025