Director: Alan Dilworth
Playwright: Tracy Power
Sound Design: Marc Merilianen
Lighting Design: Steve Lucas
Set Design: Jung-Hye Kim
Costume Design: Jeff Chief

Mountain-sized courage sometimes comes in small packages. The Great Mountain is an action-packed eco-adventure story that entertains and empowers the imaginations of children and families alike. When Nuna starts hearing things she can’t figure out, her Grandmother realizes that she has inherited the ability to hear the spirits of rushing rivers and soaring mountains. This begins a journey across a raging river to a melting glacier where the spirit of the great mountain weeps. Does Nuna have the courage to answer the mountain's cry?

Inspired by a traditional Northern Plains story,The Great Mountain illustrates the transformative power of nature, and the courage it takes to move the mountain of society’s mindset and make a difference to the future of our planet.

"Imaginative, the performances full of life and the ecologically-minded story is made exciting in the guise of an adventure story."
Stage Door


  • 3 performers, 2 crew, same day open
  • 48 minutes running time
  • Suitable Grade 1 – 8 and families

Red Sky was FABULOUS! Creative, dynamic, vivacious performers. A powerful story presented in a very powerful way. I am so glad to have had this group here, and I feel privileged to have experienced this work of art. 

– Gerri Galloway, Principal, Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School