Be a part of the evolution of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture.

Thank You!
Every gift makes a difference. Be a part of the evolution of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture. Like you, we believe that art transforms lives. Transformation is at the heart of our programming through:
  • our Land Dances Us initiative that grounds land-based practices and performance, and connects artists to cultural traditions and land in northern Ontario;
  • our Associate Artist Program that provides unparalleled mentorship opportunities to next-generation Indigenous arts leaders;
  • our explosive, genre-defying Original New Works that push creative boundaries;
  • or through our Truth & Reconciliation programming for children and youth.
Every donation, no matter how big or small makes a difference. All contributions will receive a charitable receipt for one-time and monthly donations. Our online donation form is 100% secure and processed by Canada Helps. Canada Helps will automatically issue a donation tax receipt. We encourage you to amplify the transformative impact of contemporary Indigenous arts and culture. We hope you will join us in empowering a brighter future by making a donation to the program that matters most to you and help to create meaningful change in society. To discuss how you can support Red Sky Performance, please contact General Manager, Kathy Morrison. Phone: 416-585-9969 or Email:   DonateNow