Exciting upcoming performances, engagements and events.



Great Lakes
Saturday June 30 & Sunday July 1, 6:30pm-7:00pm
The Natrel Pond at Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto, ON


Great Lakes is a one-of-kind site-specific dance and live music production that is performed knee-deep in water on the shore of Lake Ontario. It brings together contemporary Indigenous dance, original music, and the connection to five freshwater lakes. This new work explores our interconnectedness to the Great Lakes, water as life-sustaining, and as a creative force. We as Anishinaabe believe that water is alive. Water is our earth's lifeblood, and that all bodies of water are her veins. Without water, we simply would cease to exist. Water is life.

World Premiere, co-produced and presented by the Harbourfront Centre on Canada Day Weekend, June 30 and July 1, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Natrel Pond. Free Admission.


constellationThursday, May 31, 6:30pm
Verity, 111 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON


Join us for a fascinating discussion that takes us from the origins of life on Earth to the edge of the universe. For tens of thousands of years Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island have mapped the night sky, star systems, and space-time geometry, establishing an expansive view of the world and a body of scientific knowledge that has often been ignored and erased.

In this REDTalk, we explore multiple knowledge systems of cosmology and the many points of intersection between Indigenous cosmology and Western astronomy.

REDTalks host and curator Sandra Laronde will be joined by cultural astronomers Wilfred Buck (Manitoba First Nations Science Education Resource Centre, Winnipeg) and Michael Wassegiizhig Price (Bemidji State University, Minnesota), astrophysicist Annette S. Lee (St. Cloud University, Minnesota), and astrobiologist Daniella M. Scalice (NASA, Maryland) as we investigate and discuss two bodies of knowledge systems that will be equally valued.

Join us for a meet and greet at 6:30pm in the Toronto Room at the Verity Club (111e Queen Street East) followed by the REDTalk at 7pm.

FUTURE FORWARD: Be part of our space odyssey as these themes will be further explored in Red Sky Performance’s world premiere of "Trace", a sumptuous new dance/live music production that explores Anishinaabe star and sky stories that map our origin and future evolution. ("Trace" will be performed from October 30 - November 11, 2018 at Canadian Stage).

We gratefully acknowledge the Department Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council for its generous support of the 2018-19 REDTalks Series.

Cover Image: Biboonkeonini-Wintermaker, Close up from “Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masinaaigan”, A. Lee, W. Wilson, C. Gawboy, 2012.



Mistatim at the Calgary International Children’s Festival
Wednesday, May 23, 10:15am & 12:30pm
Max Bell Theatre
220 9 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB

Mistatim will take center stage at the Max Bell Theatre in Calgary. An unforgettable story of reconciliation for children, Mistatim is about the taming of a wild horse and the truest of friendships. Under a prairie sky, a simple wooden fence is all that separates Calvin on his ranch and Speck on her reservation. In many ways they are worlds apart, that is, until a wild horse named Mistatim turns their worlds upside down.



Miigis at the inauguration of UNCEDED: Voices of the Land
Part of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition | La Biennale di Venezia
Thursday May 24 at 5pm
Venice, IT

Miigis at Guelph Dance Festival
Friday June 1 at 6pm, Saturday June 2 & Sunday June 3 at 12pm
Exhibition Park, 81 London Road West
Guelph, ON

An excerpt of Red Sky Performance’s Miigis will be featured at the 20th Annual Guelph Dance Festival at Exhibition Park, June 1-3.

Miigis reveals the power of nature and Indigenous prophecy. Inspired by Anishinaabe culture, Miigis is a symbol of ‘the perfect breath of life’, and a catalyst in a journey from the Atlantic Coast to the Great Lakes.


Getting on Your Feet Workshop: Haka, Movement, and Storytelling
Sunday June 3 at 9:30am
Guelph Youth Music Centre
75 Cardinal Street, Guelph, ON

Participants in this workshop will explore traditional Maori dance forms and storytelling methodologies in an impactful cultural exchange led by Red Sky’s energizing Associate Artist Eddie Elliott. Over the course of the workshop with this acclaimed Indigenous performer from New Zealand, participants will see their inhibitions replaced by enthusiasm, openness, and joy.